Friday September 25, 2015
Lake Arthur Country Club, Butler PA 16001
Help keep the hope for a cure alive

 Proceeds benefit NBIA Research

Participation Options:
$125 Minimum Donation , Target total pledge $1,000. This was around the average for golfers at our last event. It is easy to do this with the First Giving website.

Virtual Golfers: If you would like to help cure NBIA but don't want to golf, this may be an option for you. As a virtual golfer you will have your own First Giving page where you can attract donations from you network. You will also receive and official event tee shirt and you are invited to join us for dinner. $100 Minimum Donation, Target total pledge $1,000. Its easy to do with the First Giving website.

If you want to participate (i.e. keep your golfer company) but don't want to golf, you can ride along or drive your golfer's cart and spend the day watching your golfer perfect their game. Caddies have a minimum donation of $75 and a pledge goal of $500. You will also receive and official event tee shirt and you are invited to join us for dinner.

First Giving:
Raise more money for NBIA Research with your own fundraising page! A online fundraising page makes raising money and donating easy. This year, Golfers, Caddys and Virtual Golfers can use FirstGiving for all of their fundraising needs, taking advantage of the site's tools and resources that make fundraising less overwhelming and even fun!

Online donations / sponsorships. You can solicit donations / sponsors via email and direct them to your FirstGiving giving page. You will have the oiption to create a FirstGiving page when you register online.

What to expect at the event:
Skills Competition: Longest Drive, Longest Put, Closest to the Pin, and four significant Hole-in-one prizes (first round, first ball only).

Every golfer gets to pick a prize based on the following priority 1) Most money raised; 2) Second Most money raised; 3) Best 18 holes score (Put together your lowest round with the best score on each of the 18 holes); 4) Most holes played; 5) 3rd most money raised;  6) Longest Drive;  7) Closest to the pin 1;  8) Longest Put;  9) Closest to the pin 2;  10...) Money raised

Good food, lots of fun, cold beer,  beautiful Indian summer weather and  NO nickel and diming - Your donation is 100% tax deductable and is your only out of pocket expense. There are NO 50/50 raffles, NO Chinese auctions, NO silent auctions, or any other attempts to raise more money beyond what you have secured in pledges and sponsors.

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