Friday September 25, 2015
Lake Arthur Country Club, Butler PA 16001
Help keep the hope for a cure alive

Proceeds benefit NBIA Research


What is a Golf Marathon? A day of fellowship and fun that will advance the progress on the path to a cure for NBIA.
Can anyone can participate in our Golf Marathon? Yes, it is not necessary to be an avid golfer... there will be golfers of all skill levels including beginners at the Golf Marathon. If you are an avid golfer, you are sure to enjoy the day!

Who will I play with? We normally go out in groups of two. Bring a partner or we can pair you up.

What is the cost to participate? Each golfer sponsors themselves for a minimum of a $125 donation to NBIA. Each golfer has a goal of $1,000 in pledges. You can raise pledges based on the number of holes you play or simply ask for a flat pledge amount.
 Example A If 25 people sponsor you $1/hole and you play 100 holes of golf, your pledge total = $2,500 + your $125. Example B If 12 people sponsor you a flat $100, your pledge total = $1,200 + your $125.
What if I can't be there on September 25 or will be there but can't golf? That's not a problem. If you can't play, the preferred method is to participate as a virtual golfer. As a virtual golfer, you will still have your own First Giving web page that you can customize and use to reach out to your network to let them know about NBIA and gain their support for the cause. As a virtual golfer you will still receive an official event tee shirt and you are welcome to join us for lunch and dinner.

What is the participation deadline for golfers? Friday, September 18 is the deadline for all golfers to register.

Are ladies welcome to play?
Ladies are encouraged to play!

What if I want to participate but I'm concerned about asking for money?
If you don't like asking for money or don't know how, don't worry! We have emails, letters, forms, and online payment options. You can even have your own web page on First Giving to handle all but your per hole sponsors. Check the golfers' section of this site for details.

Do I have to play 100 holes? No. The Golf Marathon is formatted in a way that golfers do not play 100 individual holes. Instead, we play in a way that enables you to play 2, 3, or 4 golf balls per hole which is much faster and easier. Play as many as you want. After lunch we will have a keg of beer so if you get tired of golfing you can enjoy the fall afternoon and watch us diehards go buzzing around the course. If you don't plan on playing many holes, please focus on flat pledges or donations instead of per hole pledges.

How is the Marathon run? Registration begins at 8:00 am with a continental breakfast. (Lunch, Dinner and On-Course drinks all day are included). You'll be paired with one other person (of your choice). Each golfer has their own private cart. 8:30 am shotgun start and off you go! Special rules are in effect to speed play along.

Do I have to collect the money? You can secure all of your donations/pledges without leaving your chair. This can all be done online including collecting pledges by credit card with your own First Giving page. See the Golfers page for details. We collect the money for per hole pledges. We will contact your donors via email after the marathon and let them know how well you did and say thanks for helping Adam and all the people with NBIA.
If I don't raise $1,000 can I still play? Yes! The goal for the event is $35,000. We ask that you do your very best in getting as many sponsors as possible.